20 Trend-Setting Teachers Worth Following on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the world of education; especially if you follow some of the most prolific and influential educators that tweet. There are many highly respected and innovative teachers who tweet regularly about their classroom ideas and tools. Following this information from these top educators is a great way to get new ideas for your classroom and to help you stay excited about teaching. Here are twenty teachers worth following on Twitter.

  1. Diana Dell: Dell is an Educational technology consultant who specializes in learning games and activities.She’ll give you some great ideas for you to use in your own classroom.
  2. Tweet for Education: Though not truly an educator, this group tweets and retweets the best of the best when it comes to new information that teachers can use.
  3. Julie LaChance: LaChance is a technology facilitator who supplies all sorts of resources to teachers. She has a website, and puts a lot of information on Twitter as well.
  4. Kelly Hines: Hines is an award winning teacher who is an innovator in using technology in the classroom.
  5. Steve Wheeler: Wheeler is a Web 2.0 researcher and author of The Digital Classroom. He is also a lecturer, e-learning specialist, international speaker and co-editor of Interactive Learning Environments.
  6. Vicki Davis: Davis is a teacher from Georgia who is an avid user of technology in the classroom as a way to build cultural bridges.
  7. Chicken Saltash: This anonymous teacher is an educator and avid tweeter about all things in the classroom as well as about animals.
  8. Larry Ferlazzo: An avid educator and inner city high school teacher in California.
  9. Maggie Verster: Verster is an ICT teacher and teaching activist in South Africa.
  10. Ozge Karaoglu: Karaoglu is a teacher in Istanbul, Turkey. She is also a preschool team leader,coordinator of an EFL DVD project, e-moderator, and the content and educational coordinator of Minigon reader series.
  11. Terry Freedman: Freedman is a teacher from the UK who is passionate about using technology in the classroom.
  12. Michael Fawcett: Fawcett is a primary teacher in New Zealand who is an avid tweeter.
  13. P Donaghy: Donaghy is an ICT teacher in Dublin, Ireland, who is a course director in moodle and Google Apps. Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It is a free and open-source e-learning software platform, also known as a Course Management System, Learning Management System, or Virtual Learning Environment. Some of today’s most innovative teachers use Moodle.
  14. Russel Tarr: Tarr is an history teacher in France. He is also the author of ActiveHistory.co.uk and ClassTools.net. Tarr shares many ideas that other educators can benefit from.
  15. Tony Parkin: Parkin is the retiring head of ICT Development in London.
  16. Digital Maverick: This teacher in the UK is a learning technologist and self proclaimed “moodle evangelist”.
  17. Weemooseus: Weemooseus is a middle school technology teacher in New Mexico. She is also an education reform advocate.
  18. Steve Bunce: Bunce is a teacher from the Uk who is interested in digital storytelling and game based learning.
  19. Cyndi Danner Kuhn: Kuhn is an Educational Technology Teacher at the University of Kansas. She is also an Apple Professional Development Trainer.
  20. Peter Vogel: Vogel is an ICT and physics teacher from Vancouver, BC. He is interested in using technology for teaching science in the classroom.

Following other teachers on Twitter is a great way to hone your skills and get new ideas. Be sure, however that you share your own ideas, too. One of the great benefits to using Twitter is that it becomes a two way communication flow. Particularly when it comes to teaching; this sharing of techniques and strategies can really benefit you in the classroom. As you can see here, there are great teachers from all over the world on Twitter, so you can use techniques that may not be prevalent in your area.

There are plenty of other great teachers on Twitter. Follow these and see what other educators can provide you with the ideas you need to keep your classroom fun and cutting edge.

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