50 Best Teaching Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

Education, teaching and e-learning blogs can provide some of the best reading on the Internet today. The wide range of topics — from history to math — and the wider range of expertise in these blogs can provide teaching and learning tools. The following list contains 50 of the best and newest teaching blogs, beginning in February 2009. The blogs are listed by month of creation within 2010 and 2009.


  1. TeacherSpeech Techie: Sean J. Sweeney is a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) (January).
  2. Teacher Talk Blog: The Teacher Talk blog is one way for the Australian Museum to keep teachers updated about their programs and services (January).
  3. The Nerdy Teacher: A 30-something English teacher who currently is working on a Masters Degree in educational technology writes this blog (January).
  4. Boatswains and Bacteriemia: This history blog focuses on maritime jaunts and encompasses a broad range of topics from naval battles to the science of navigation (February).
  5. I’d like to think that I help people to learn English: Richard has been teaching English since 2002 throughout Europe (February).
  6. Cultural Learning Alliance: The Cultural Learning Alliance (CLA) is a collective voice in the UK working to ensure that all children and young people have meaningful access to culture in this difficult economic climate (March).
  7. InterACT: A group blog from Accomplished California Teachers: Classroom expertise for better education policy (March).
  8. New City Arts: Artist, teacher, and seeker of small aesthetic pleasures teaches k-6 art at New City School, a multiple-intelligence school in Saint Louis (March).
  9. Teacher Talk: Commentary on education in Fairfield County, CT by Charles Costello (March).
  10. Studentbcnpaul1’s blog: Paul recently became interested in using digital technologies with young learners as a way to enhance motivation (April).
  11. Reflections of a Teacher and Learner: David teaches kids at a private college in Turkey and he’s also a distance student on the University of Manchester’s MA in EdTech & TESOL program (April).
  12. The Odd Bird: Along with this blog, the author is researching and developing a documentary film, also titled THE ODD BIRD, about her experiences with the neurological disorder Nonverbal Learning Disability (May).
  13. Blogging through the Fourth Dimension: Education musings, technology, lessons and Pernille’s life as a teacher (June).
  14. Broken Airplane: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, expect a blog about education and resources from this blogger (June).
  15. Hack Education: Audrey Watters is a technology journalist, freelance writer, ed-tech advocate, recovering academic, rabble-rouser and single mom (June).
  16. Close up: Ceri teaches, trains teachers and writes teaching materials for general English adult and teenage learners and classrooms (July).
  17. Digital Dervish: Deborah Gants has been a teacher for twenty-two years. She has a degree in Secondary English and Masters in Technology in Education with an ESOL add-on (July).
  18. A Teacher’s Journal: This blog is for teachers and offers encouragement from stories and reflections that will inspire you to write about own aspirations and reflect on your teaching experiences each week (August).
  19. Be Cunning and Full of Tricks: John “Pathfinder” Lester is an expert and strategist in educational online communities and virtual worlds (August).
  20. TextbookBino and Fino: This blog is about a cartoon series about a brother and sister named Bino and Fino who live with their grandparents ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’ in a modern day city in Africa (August).
  21. Grovo: This online training site and blog aim to bridge the online learning gap with video lessons on a variety of topics like the money management site Mint, Google Docs, and the basics of Twitter (August).
  22. Project Fit America Blog: This blog for teachers who work diligently, against all odds and funding cuts, to getting America’s kids fit (August).
  23. Quantum Progress: A teacher tries to raise the energy level of physics classes with this blog (August).
  24. Stories from School — Arizona: Accomplished teacher leaders tell stories about how policy decisions impact learning and teaching in their classrooms (August).
  25. About a Teacher: (September).
  26. Box of Chocolates: An EFL teacher from Recife, Brazil, is very passionate about teaching and writing (September).
  27. Culture of Yes: Chris Kennedy is the Superintendent of Schools / CEO with the West Vancouver School District (West Vancouver, BC) (September).
  28. In the News at National School Furniture & National School Supply: National School Furniture and National School Supply have come together and created a brand new educational blog designed specifically for their customers (September).
  29. JISC Blog: JISC Board and its sub-committees are senior managers, academics and technology experts working in UK further and higher education (September).
  30. ArtsMy English Teacher’s Blog 2010-2011: A teacher located in Spain offers her school year in blog format. Will she continue blogging after 2011? (September).
  31. Inside History: A new blog that represents Australia’s magazine for history and genealogy (October).
  32. Infinigons, etc. A teacher’s musings on math, education, and all linear combinations thereof, updated weekly (November).
  33. Students First Blog: The mission behind this new blog is to build a national movement to defend the interests of children in public education so that America has the best education system in the world (December).


  1. Clearly Trained’s eLearning Blog:This blog covers the wide variety of experiences Flash designer Eric Bort has had in the eLearning industry, as well as new project overviews and random inspirations (February).
  2. Education On The Plate: special education teacher in Bronx, NY, writes about learning, teaching, “eating & drinking” (February).
  3. Interactyx Blog: This company, which produces award-winning eLearning software, started this blog early in 2009 (February).
  4. Don’t Forget South Central: California’s unprecedented budget crisis resulted in huge cuts to education spending. This blog chronicles the crisis (March).
  5. Government Elearning! This blog launched in Spring, and it reflects monthly newsletters that provide executives with roadmaps for improving enterprise and employee performance (March).
  6. Special Ed Justice: Jennifer Laviano offers news and information about special education law (March).
  7. CollegeSpecial Education and Disability Rights Blog: This blog, written by A2Z Educational Advocates, is for those individuals who are interested in special education issues (April).
  8. Teacher Reboot Camp: Discussing strategies for engaging students through effective instructional methods and technology (May).
  9. eLearning Learning: This blog’s goal is to collect and organize the best information on the Web about eLearning (June).
  10. Insafe Blog: Co-funded by The European Union, this blog focuses on online safety for kids (July).
  11. Educating Grace: A former high school math teacher, now developing teacher training (August).
  12. Shaun Wilden’s Blog: Shaun has been involved in English language teaching for almost twenty years (August).
  13. Reweaving the Commons: Paul Treadwell is a distance learning consultant and information technology specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension (September).
  14. So this is English… Michelle Worgan has been teaching English for over ten years, mostly in Spain (September).
  15. The Disruptive Teacher: Although the blog archive here shows 2010, Tim actually began his blog in October 2009 at a previous Web address (October).
  16. The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness: This blog mostly focuses on secondary education technology resources, with an occasional elementary or middle school resource as well (November).
  17. Feminist Teacher: Currently a teacher at the Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI) in New York, Ileana Jiménez offers courses on feminism, Latin literature, LGBT literature, Toni Morrison, and memoir writing (December).
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