Teachers are charged with the very important task of educating our children. They act as facilitators or coaches to help students learn and apply important concepts. Many teachers, especially at the primary level, use a hands-on approach to help students understand abstract concepts, solve problems, and develop critical thinking skills. Each year, more and more blogs and websites pop up, where teachers share their expertise and ideas with other teachers.

Online Masters in Education.org has created a list of the 100 Best Web Resources for Educators in 2012. Accounting for factors such as years of teaching experience, quality of content, readership, and reputation, you can navigate this list to top blogs and websites for educators. For easy navigation, the list is divided into four categories: preschool, elementary, middle, and high school. Please note, all of the websites on this list are fantastic resources, and they are not presented in order of rank.


Preschool is not just babysitting, and it sure isn’t easy. Preschool is where children begin developing their learning abilities and capabilities. It takes a dedicated individual to teach preschool, and someone who has an immense amount of patience. Below, you will find various sites that provide ideas and activities for preschool teachers and their classrooms.

  1. Happy Hooligans

    Happy Hooligans is a blog that offers posts on the authors’ interactions with her kids and students through good old-fashioned play.

  2. Teach Preschool

    Teach Preschool is a blog dedicated to early childhood teachers.

  3. Teacher Tom

    Teacher Tom is a blog all about one teacher’s experiences with educating preschoolers.

  4. Child Central Station

    Child Central Station is a registered family home daycare in Marquette, Michigan, an online educational toy store, and a provider of educational training and workshops for early childhood professionals, parents, and interested consumers.

  5. Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers

    With a goal to spark the interest and nurture the minds of children, parents, and teachers, Tami blogs about her experience as a preschool teacher.

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Primary education is a critical stage in children’s development. It is vital that elementary students have driven and dedicated educators to ensure their future success. Luckily, there are many elementary school teachers who are willing to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with other teachers. Below are a variety of sites that share advice and tips for elementary teachers.

  1. The Schroeder Page

    The Schroeder Page is a blog created by an elementary teacher who shares her experiences of teaching in her second grade classroom.

  2. Rockin’ Teacher Materials

    Rockin’ Teacher Materials is a blog that provides various teaching tips and ideas.

  3. Oceans of First Grade Fun

    Oceans of First Grade Fun is a blog created to share reading and teaching resources with other fellow teachers.

  4. Blogging through the Fourth Dimension

    Blogging through the Fourth Dimension is a blog that shares various posts on education, technology, and the humor that can be found in teaching.

  5. Kleinspiration

    Kleinspiration is blog that connects tradition and technology in teaching in hopes to inspire students and fellow teachers.

  6. Daisy Yellow

    Daisy Yellow is a blog that offers a mix of quirky inspiration that allow teachers and students to explore their artistic side in the classroom.

  7. Art with Mr. E

    Art with Mr. E is a blog all about art, art education, and other eclectic information.

  8. Portable Radio.CA

    Portable Radio.CA is a site that was created by students in Canada as a portable radio where they broadcast their own podcasts.

  9. Literacy and Laughter

    Literacy and Laughter is a blog about celebrating kindergarteners and the books they love.

  10. Brenna Phillips

    Brenna Phillips is a blog that mixes children’s ministry and education.

  11. Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies is a blog dedicated to providing teachers with great ideas, tips, and more.

  12. Katie Lately

    Katie Lately is a blog created by a teacher who posts her experience and adventures as a teacher.

  13. Think, Wonder, & Teach

    Think, Wonder, & Teach is a blog about the experiences of a teacher, student, wife, and mother.

  14. Love Two Teach

    Love Two Teach is a blog that provides cute activities, clipart, and fun for primary teachers.

  15. Hello Literacy

    Hello Literacy is a blog that provides fonts, clipart, and different ideas for writing activites.

  16. Funky First Grade Fun

    Funky First Grad Fun is a blog all about the funky experiences of a first grade teacher.

  17. First Grade and Fabulous

    First Grade and Fabulous is a blog that provides helpful tips and tools for teaching elementary.

  18. Tickled Pink

    First grade teacher, Mandy, blogs about her family and life in the classroom.

  19. Juice Boxes and Crayolas

    Juice Boxes and Crayolas is a blog about teaching, reading, and running.

  20. First Grade Fanatics

    First Grade Fanatics is a blog for first grade teachers who happen to be fanatics about the first grade.

  21. Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog

    Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog is all about a teacher and her classroom and through experiences in learning how to read and write.

  22. Michael Smith’s Principals Page, The Blog

    The Principals Page is all about school administration.

  23. A Year of Reading

    A Year of Reading is a blog created by two teachers with over 20 years of experience who happen to love reading and sharing their reviews.

  24. Regurgitated Alpha Bits

    Regurgitated Alpha Bits is a blog about the stories from a teacher who loves her students, wrestles with her job, and tries to find the funny in what she does.

  25. Learning is Messy

    Learning is Messy is a blog created by a teacher with over 30 years of experience who shares his teaching and classroom experiences.

  26. Tales from the School Bus

    Tales from the School Bus is a blog about the musings and rants of a school bus driver.

  27. History is Elementary

    History is Elementary is a blog for history teachers and people who enjoy reading about history and history education.

  28. The Teacher Wife

    The Teacher Wife is a blog about the adventures of a teacher wife as she experiences new opportunities through teaching and marriage.

  29. Keeping Kids First

    Keeping Kids First is a blog created by a teacher, wife, and mother who shares tips and random posts on teaching, family, and life.

  30. Learn Me Good

    Learn Me Good is a blog created by a teacher and author who shares his classroom and teaching experiences.

  31. Primary Graffiti

    Primary Graffiti is a blog that provides all types of tips, ideas, and activities for teachers who teach elementary.

  32. Elementary, My Dear, or Far From It

    Elementary, My Dear, or Far From It is a blog about the reflections of an elementary school teacher on the joys and challenges of the job.

  33. Life in Special Education

    Life in Special Education is a blog about all the adventures and experiences of a special education teacher.

  34. The Lesson Plan Diva

    The Lesson Plan Diva is a blog that provides and shares activities, games, and lesson plan ideas for teachers and their classrooms.

  35. Ashleigh’s Education Journey

    Ashleigh’s Education Journey is a blog about one teacher’s educational journey and she shares creative ideas and tips for other teachers and their classrooms.

  36. Mr. C’s Class Blog

    Mr. C’s Class Blog is the official blog of Mr. C’s class at Noel Elementary School which provides posts and models on the use of technology for teachers and students.

  37. Little Literacy Learners

    Little Literacy Learners is a blog that shares resources and materials with and for parents and educators.

  38. Oh’ Boy Fourth Grade…

    Oh’ Boy Fourth Grade…is a blog that offers random freebies, strategies, and humor regarding teaching.

  39. Sunny Days in Second Grade

    Sunny Days in Second Grade is a blog all about teaching and shares the author’s passion of teaching.

  40. 3rd Grade Gridiron

    3rd Grade Gridiron is a blog of one teacher’s adventures and experiences teaching the 3rd grade.

  41. Mr. Avery’s Classroom Blog

    Mr. Avery’s Classroom Blog is a blog that provides tips on incorporating technology into the classroom and project ideas for other teachers to share with their classrooms.

  42. One Extra Degree

    One Extra Degree is a blog about the confessions and adventures of a teachaholic.

  43. Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kingdergarten

    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten is a blog that provides activities and tips for kindergarten teachers.

  44. The Reading Workshop

    Authored by Mr. McGuire, the reading workshop invites students, teachers, and family to share thoughts comments, opinions, and ideas.

  45. Kinderglynn

    At Kinderglynn, you can find materials where students will learn while having fun!

  46. Little Warriors

    Kindergarten teacher, Katie Mense, has been teaching for 8 years. She created her blog to share ideas with other teachers.

  47. A Place Called Kindergarten

    Join kindergarten teacher, Jonelle Bell, and learn about her, her classroom, and her students.

  48. First Grade Blue Skies

    First Grade Blue Skies follows Ms. Jennifer White through her experience teaching first grade in Alabama.

  49. teaching in the Early Years

    Shelley Gray began her blog to connect with teachers across the world, and share ideas, successes, and tips! She teaches both 3rd and 4th grade.

  50. Teaching in High Heels

    Primary education Gladys blogs here and often offers her lesson plans for sale.

  51. Learning with Mrs. Parker

    Follow S. Parker, a kindergarten and first grade loop teacher as she shares her classroom experiences and engaging lessons.

  52. Deep Space Sparkle

    Deep Space Sparkle features a wide variety of art projects for kids.

  53. My Mommy Reads

    This blog is dedicated to books selected by teacher, Lyssa, that she shares with her young son, and a few classroom tips as well.

  54. School Teacher by Day Superhero by Night

    Erin is both a mother and a primary education teacher and she blogs about her experience at School Teacher by Day Superhero by Night.

  55. The Creative Apple

    Meet Terri Thorton, teacher and blogger who describes her blog as where learning and creativity meet.

  56. Homeschool Creations

    Homeschool Creations provides resources, free printable templates and lessons, and encouragement for homeschool families.

  57. Raki’s Rad Resources

    Heidi Raki currently teaches first grade at an American School in Casablanca, Morocco, but has varied teaching experience focusing on project based, differentiated, and brain-based learning.

  58. My Life as a Fifth Grade Teacher

    Blogger Lindsay is an elementary teacher in Texas. After spending three years teaching 5th grade, she’s moving to 3rd.

  59. Teaching in Room 6

    This blog is designed to be a “catch all” of the ideas Stephanie Moorman uses in her classroom. There are some classroom management ideas, subject area ideas, teachable moments, Vista Print, and other things others might find useful.

  60. Lesson Plan SOS

    Teachers, do you need help with lesson plans? Here’s your corner of the Internet!

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